Music. Singing. Guitars. Playing. Recording. Women. Love. Won and lost. Broken hearts. Indelible flashbacks. Showbiz stories. Vegas tales, Funny, Horrifying, True. Handguns. Pistols. Shooting. Jewish neurosis.

These are a few of my favorite things.

This is the new Once the official website of me, Darin Ames, has re-emerged from its recluse to serve a new purpose: a place where Darin (that’s  me) can write about and comment upon anything, regardless of how controversial or offensive the content may be. Fore those looking for the official site for info, music, pics and video of Darin Ames (again, that’s yours truly) singing and performing, you now have the easy to remember is going to be something altogether different. If be the “public Darin,” then be the “private, but sorta publicly accessible" Darin. (I’m definitely off the grid here, unsure exactly how to get back on subject. Ahh… when in doubt, paste in shit written earlier!)

If you’re more interested in what I can say here but can’t there, then you may very well find yourself entertained.

I have no set idea of what I plan to write here. All I can say is things will not be limited to the tragic, limping thing I playfully refer to as “my career.” Knowing myself, I’ll probably spend most of my time deleting things that are simply too inappropriate to post. As hinted to above, my initial intention is to touch upon things that “send” me (way under-used expression). Naturally, there are some things I hold sacred and, as such, will not likely write about (but you never know). Those things, however are few and far between, so we should have some fun. Now I just have to find a way to get people to actually come to this site, not only read “my blog” (said in the style of a very low voiced, annoyed, mentally retarded hunchback), but leave comments, thus constituting the whole “we” element. We’ll see.

Summing up...

  1. Darin, un-edited

  2. Random rants about God knows what

  3. Maybe some images

  4. Lot’s of profanity

  5. Lot’s of stories the principles of which would not like anyone to know (you know I sang at wynn Las Vegas, right?)

And much, much more...   

Now why not kick things off by reading some entries!
where darin comes to spill

This had to happen sometime.